Counseling for Couples

in Dublin, Ohio
















A private, well-planned, thoughtful approach to helping couples reconnect.

Phase 1: Introduction


This Phase Has 4 Steps:

1 – Intro Session as a couple

2 – Separate, Private Sessions, Individually with your counselor

3 – Assessment (Either the Relationship Check Up or the SYMBIS Assessment) – This is an even deeper dive into your specific situation It is confidential and only your counselor will see the results, which serve as a guide in tailoring your sessions to your needs.

4 – Meet together with your counselor again to collaborate and discuss a customized roadmap for your future sessions.

Phase 2: Re-connnecting

During the Re-Connecting Phase your counselor will use the Relationship Roadmap to tailor sessions to your needs. You are also invited to share your preferences throughout the process. The length and focus of this phase can vary greatly, based upon many factors unique to your relationship.  Some couples have needed as few as 6 sessions.  Others have needed many more, especially when therapy focuses on healing pain, repairing trust, or recovering from infidelity.  At many points you and your counselor will have a chance to review your progress throughout the phase and you may change your treatment goals at any time.

Phase 3: Maintenance


Strong relationships, much like your car, require regularly scheduled maintenance to keep it in excellent condition.  Once you and your counselor mutually determine it is appropriate, you will move into the maintenance phase.  Here, you will attend “check in” appointments in increments (every 3-6 months) to maintain the skills you learned in earlier phases.  You will also have a chance to consult with your counselor on any life changes or new concerns.  Some couples have said this phase provided them a nice “safety net” to rely on during times of major life transitions, like welcoming a new baby or major career changes.  Others find the maintenance phase to be a perfect reminder and a nice “time out” from the busy-ness of life that gives them chance to deeply reconnect.




There’s nothing like the heartache and pain of missing that special connection you once shared. You’re tired of living like roommates. You’re tired of the constant arguing. You’re ready to feel like YOU TWO again.


You miss the way you two used to connect and you’ve tried everything, maybe even counseling that didn’t go so well, to get it back. Maybe you’re secretly starting to lose hope. Somewhere inside, though, there’s the tiniest glimmer of hope that there’s still a chance it can work. You still hope that you’ll find love, with each other, again.


Or maybe infidelity has wreaked havoc on your marriage and you wonder if you’ll ever be able to get past this. Some days you’re not sure you want to, but on others, you think just maybe this could work, with the right help.


Relationships deserve a specialist’s care. That’s where I come in. I’m a hope-focused relationship counselor whose advanced training enables me to help couples heal, find hope, restore trust, reconnect, and find the love they once knew and still deeply desire. I would be honored to work hard with you to rediscover that connection you crave.