I’m Loretta George

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Helping you truly hear yourself.

Private Counseling

Does it seem like life is sending you more than you can handle? Does worry, regret, or sadness fill your thoughts? Having trouble sleeping? It’s time to start feeling like YOU again. I’m here to listen skillfully and with care. You will always be treated with the utmost respect and acceptance. Talking to friends and family may not be helpful enough or maybe your family cannot be objective. 

Helping you Find Peace

I know it can feel uneasy talking with a professional for the first time. Rest assured, I am able to provide a sense of safety, trust and comfort. Helping you find peace is the heart and soul of my work.

What if you woke up tomorrow holding the road map to your own better future?

What if you knew exactly which step to take first?

Happiness isn’t a dream; it comes from learning to accept yourself and your own needs. Together, we’ll uncover the map you already possess.

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Trauma Focused Care

Evening and Weekend appointments available

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