Get access to Alfa Counseling’s private, Professional Counseling from the comfort of your own home. No need to scramble to find childcare or carve out a cross-town drive and waiting room time to attend therapy. Now you can access high-quality mental health care right from your own computer, tablet, or cell phone.


It's Convenient

We make it easy to attend therapy appointments, from your own home. All you need is a private space, access to a live webcam, the Internet, and earbuds.


It's Secure

Once your appointment is confirmed, we’ll send your own password and invite you to a secure, HIPAA-compliant video platform where we’ll hold your session. Just log in and join your counselor for your session.

It's Effective

Click through to see the body of research demonstrating that online counseling is as effective (and sometimes more!) than traditional office based counseling.


#1 - Register

Click to Register on our portal and choose an appointment time that fits your schedule. Click here to get started.

Click Here to Register. Be sure to select Alfa Counseling Online Appointments

#2 - Confirm

We will process your registration and once confirmed, we will send you am email containing login information and your unique password for the session and a link to pay for the session in advance.

#3 - Pay

Pay for your session (we will send you a link in advance).

First Session is $145 | Follow-Up Sessions are $100

Eligible for HSA/FSA and may be reimbursable by your insurance. Check with your plan to verify. Major credit cards accepted.

#3 - Log In

Use your unique log-in credentials to join your counselor for a live session online. Prior to your first session, we will send a step-by-step guide to get you started. It only takes about 10 minutes the first time. After that, it’s as easy as simply logging in for your scheduled appointment.

Online counseling is available to Ohio residents seeking one-on-one professional counseling.

If you need immediate assistance, are experiencing a crisis, or you or someone else faces a life-threatening emergency, do not use this website or wait for online services. Click here for resources will be of assistance immediately.

Requesting an appointment by any means does not create a Counselor-Client relationship. In order to become our client, we must accept and sign your Getting Started Packet and be in receipt of full payment for your first session.