Is Your Relationship Ready?

How does bringing a baby home affect your relationship?

Skip the Myths

No doubt about it. A baby changes everything.

Your relationship will be impacted from day one of your little one’s arrival. Learn what causes some relationships to thrive, while others become a disaster after the arrival of a baby.


Preparing for the transition to parenthood?

Our checklist will help you prepare your relationship for a baby. Learn what it takes to thrive and stay connected during this new phase of life. We deliver what research actually shows are the absolutely necessary ingredients for a strong relationship.

Myth #1

Having a Baby will make our relationship closer. It’ll fix our problems and make us happier than ever.



Actually, about 2 out of 3 couples report lower levels of relationship satisfaction after having a baby, according to relationship research conducted by The Gottman Institute. Babies bring immense joy and significant stress too.

Myth #2

Couples who strongly desire to be parents have no problems making the transition from just-the-two-of-us to a family of three (or more!).



Having a positive outlook certainly helps, but it’s no substitute for gaining the knowledge and skills it takes to keep your relationship strong while adding the constant demand and responsibilities a baby brings.

Myth #3

We already have a child, so it’ll be easier the next time. We’ll know exactly what to do, how to bond, and how to prevent post-partum depression and anxiety when we have more children.


While growing your family is a wonderful idea and you probably have mastered a lot of the childcare skills, adding more children compounds stress and responsibilities on you individually, as a couple, and as a family.

Jessica Wade, M.A., LPCC

Jessica Wade, M.A., LPCC


Hello! I’m Jessica Wade and helping couples successfully navigate major life transitions (like adding a baby to the family!) is my passion. It’s why I went those extra steps to earn a second Master’s degree and receive certification in a Gottman program, because a degree in counseling or social work alone is not enough for the complexities of romantic relationships. I always say, “when your relationship needs help, be sure to call a specialist”.

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