Because... you've got FOREVER in mind

Pre-Marriage Counseling

Prepare for your lifetime together. Get a customized plan to enhance the combination of your unique personalities.

Friends, Lovers, Teammates for Life

Set the foundation for a life of teamwork where the two of you will face every beautiful, mundane, challenging, and unforgettable part of life together.

SYMBIS Assessment

Get a customized report designed to give you a clear roadmap for your strong marriage. We use the evidence-based SYMBIS assessment to thoroughly get to know you both individually and together. Research indicates this assessment helps reduce divorce rates among couples who use it to prepare for marriage. Learn more here.

Get Ready

You’ve given a lot of thought and planning to your wedding. We know you take this commitment seriously. And so do we. We plan to spend 10 deep-dive sessions together, truly getting to know you and helping you prepare for the most significant relationship adventure of your lives.

Certified to offer a thorough exploration of your relationship — the Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts (SYMBIS) assessments, we think preparing for marriage is essential. We can create a pre-marital counseling program tailored to your unique relationship.

We’ll Talk About


Your Life Dreams

Home Life

Managing Conflicts

How You Talk Together


Sex and Intimacy

Your Personalities

Relationship Roadmap

What if this is not my first marriage?

No matter how many relationships you’ve been in, it’s never too late to prepare this one for the long-haul. Encore marriages have unique needs and often need special attention to blending families and relationship dynamics when exes are involved as co-parents. We would be honored to work hard with you to create the marriage you’re dreaming of while helping you navigate the complexities of finding and creating lifelong love.

Pre-Marriage Counseling Program

Ten Private Sessions held in Dublin, Ohio

The Marriage Preparation program is intended to enhance and educate relationships already heading toward or considering marriage. For couples who prefer it, we can incorporate Christian faith-based concepts in the program. Couples can learn how to blend their unique personalities, values, and relationship desires into a shared life.

However this program is not appropriate for distressed relationships. If your relationship is distressed, see our Couple’s Counseling page for more information.