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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve never seen a counselor before, or if you’re a counseling veteran, welcome! We are honored every time someone chooses to learn more about us.

Each practice you may encounter is different, so we are glad you are taking the time to learn more about what it means to become a client of Alfa Counseling. We are a specialist-level group practice. This means that our clients come to us, or are referred by other professionals to us, because we are well-trained and focus narrowly on our specific treatment areas. Where other counselors may be more like family physicians, broadly treating a variety of concerns then referring out for a higher level of care, our therapists specialize on deeply understanding and treating specific clinical matters.

Do you offer mental health services, besides relationship work? What about one-on-one counseling?

This is a great question!  Yes, we help people who are not actually in a relationship, every week.

We help clients one-on-one who want to manage mood symptoms or adjust to life changes. We love helping helping our clients feel more like themselves and take control of their lives again. Click here to learn more about individual counseling and online counseling for individuals.

Many of our clients desire the perspective of a relationship counselor on their recovery from a divorce, to help them bounce back and be ready to find love again.  Or, many have sought help one-on-one to finally ditch their insecurities and confidently enjoy a brand new relationship.

How long will our sessions last?

The first session is a 60 minute meeting where I get to know you or your relationship.

Future sessions are typically 45-55 minutes long.  These are where we get down to the work of counseling.

At times, 90-120 minute sessions may be needed in order to tackle important topics in a sensitive and thorough way.

Due to busy work-life challenges, travel schedules, and other special circumstances, many couples greatly benefit from periodic Relationship Intensives.  These are typically 1/2 day or Full Day intensive sessions where we take on massive amounts of relationship work. These are carefully planned to ensure the pacing is comfortable, while you get the most out of our time together.

What are your fees?

$150 for the first session

$100 for Working Sessions (typically 45-55 minutes) – Individuals

$125 for Working Sessions (typically 45-55 minutes) – Couples

Extended Sessions are $125 per hour (pro-rated in 15 minute increments)

Video Chat sessions (individual clients only) are $100 per sessions

Cancellations (with less than 48 hours notice) or No-Shows are billed to your account as the full session fee. Insurance does not reimburse this fee.

What forms of payment do you accept? And what about insurance?

All counseling sessions qualify for HSA/FSA account use. Payment may be made at time of service via Credit Card or Check. We do not keep account balances or send invoices for services. Cash payments must be made exactly as we do not keep cash on-hand.

We have an in-network contract with Aetna, Medical Mutual of Ohio, Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield and several Employee Assistance Programs for in-network services.

Some accepted EAP Plans:

  • Anthem EAP (offered by local employers like Cardinal Health, Verizon, and Costco)
  • BDA Morneau Sheppell (offered by local employers like Safe Lite, Spectrum, and the Columbus Dispatch group)

Out-of-network claims can be processed on your behalf with United Behavioral Health, Cigna, The Ohio State University’s (OSU) health plans (Coresource/NGS/United and Primecare).

Session receipts are also available for your records or use in obtaining out-of-network reimbursement through other insurance plans.


Alfa Counseling and Consultation, LLC does not offer a guarantee of insurance coverage. Please contact your own insurance carrier to learn of your specific plan’s benefits. Every plan is different.

Do you have a contract with Medicaid or Medicare?

At this time, no. We are not currently participating in Medicare or Medicaid’s health insurance programs. We also are not set-up to file out of network claims with Medicaid or Medicare.

We can still help though! Upon request, we will provide you a Superbill for your sessions. You may use this to submit reimbursement requests to your carrier directly.

My relationship needs help. I'm not sure if my partner will come with me. Will you see me alone?

Yes. We do provide relationship counseling for one.

Relationship counseling is very powerful work, even if only one partner is actively involved. Think of yourselves as if you have been doing a relationship two-step dance for many years.  If even just one of you adds a new move to the dance, the whole routine is affected. Small changes, even by one, can make a big impact.

How often will we meet?

Typically my clients attend weekly appointments during the initial phase of therapy (about 2 months).

Appointment frequency tends to taper offer to twice per month, then monthly, then quarterly appointments when you and I determine that your needs or your relationship has stabilized and you are actively using your new skills to maintain your progress.

Do you offer expert court testimony for my divorce or custody?

We offer private, professional counseling and consultation services. We help our clients find more effective ways to cope with difficult situations. We understand that from time-to-time our clients do become involved in disputes that are emotionally taxing and energy draining. During these complex times, we protect our role as our clients’ most trusted confidante. For this reason, we are not available for expert testimony. We do not provide expert determinations related to parenting, custody, competence to stand trial, or any other evaluation for official use.

Court testimony is by court order or valid subpoena only. When necessary, we testify to facts, and we do not offer opinion on matters such as parental rights, nor offer expert testimony. Our time spent in relation to your court or administrative hearings (whether by your consent or by court order) will be billed to you at $175/hour, plus the cost of our own legal representation ($350/hour) including but not limited to preparation, commuting, waiting, testifying, consultation, and returning to our office. Medical insurance does not typically reimburse these fees.

Live audio, video, or transcription of sessions is strictly prohibited, to protect the privacy of all of our clients.

How soon can we meet?

I understand emotional and relationship stress needs relief! So, I try to offer an initial appointment within 7 days.

Sorry, I can’t guarantee an evening or weekend appointment in that timeframe though.

Do you offer Evening or Weekend appointments?

Yes, we make evening hours and Saturdays available most weeks.  Of course they are the most in-demand appointment times, so you may need to start on a daytime or evening session at first. Many clients find attending appointments during the lunch hour, before work, or at the end of a workday is extremely convenient as well.

Requesting an appointment by any means does not create a Counselor-Client relationship. In order to become our client, we must accept and sign your Getting Started Packet and be in receipt of full payment for your first session.