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We believe in the power of YOU…

You know the life you desire. You know what it’s like to feel your best. And somewhere inside, you know the power of your own potential. We’re here to remind you. To help you trust yourself and find your way.

For you, this may mean bouncing back after a life transition (new job, relocation, new baby, loss) or restoring trust in your relationship, or finding your way out of depression and anxiety. You don’t have to go it alone. We’re here to help.

Depression & Anxiety

Does worry keep you up at night? Are you so worn out from emotional pain that you’re starting to feel numb? You’re not alone and this is not forever. You can change how you feel. We can help you find the insight and skills to change your mood.

Post-Partum and Infertility Adjustment

Your life (as well as your partner’s) is forever changed. You face major adjustments, either to a new baby, or the potential of no baby. I realize you’re in a complex life transition with a lot of mixed feelings and concerns that can leave you feeling lost, out of control, or overwhelmed. Let us help you find your way again.

Struggling in Relationships

Are you struggling to find and keep the love you crave? Do you feel ashamed of your role in your relationships? Do you want to learn from your past so you can be ready to find love again? Do you find yourself in constant conflict? I would be honored to work hard with you to set you up for success in your relationships. Become the kind of partner, friend, parent, colleague, and lover you desire to be — the kind whose relationships thrive.

Online Counseling

Private sessions, held online for your convenience.

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Client Portal

Request an appointment now. Do it from the convenience of your own device by logging into our secure client portal to request an in-office appointment.

Evening & Weekend

You have a busy life and career. We often have appointments available at lunchtime, in the evenings and weekends.

Online Counseling

It's convenient, it's secure, it's private, and in the comfort of your own home. Click to learn more about counseling sessions held online by video chat.

Let us do the Paperwork

If you're using your out-of-network private insurance, let us file the insurance claims for you. Receive your insurance benefits directly. Where other counselors make YOU file the claim for reimbursement, we think the process can be simpler. Let our staff file it for you.